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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pregnancy Diaries - Part 1

Assalamualaikum and Hi! 

*flips shawl* *Uwais tengah tidur* *Please Uwais let me finish this post first then you wake up* *pinky promise*

Sambil mendengar lagu fav dari dulu kini selamalamamamanya A Thousand Years sambil hirup milo panas. Fuh what a lifeee. Wah gituwwww! *sambil earphone pakai sebelah in case Uwais bangun*

Okay now as for the title saja kemain buat tajuk sebab I want to share my experience with all of my readers! Pftttt ada ke orang baca? HIHI okay jangan lari tajuk but seriously, this is kind of my online diary so why not I write it?

Actually, I've been warded about 10 days before I get to deliver this Prince Cinonet. Lots of tears were felt during that time, but not many people know as I choose to be secret and not replying all kinds of message whatsapp and call muahaha *evil laugh* but seriously, I didn't know that pregnancy plus delivering hormone can be sooooooooo nah I don't know how to describe it but I tell ya one call can make me cried a whole day all night long. By then I choose to be silent.

On the first day of my many days in the Ward, Doctor A (after this, there will be many names so please bear with me together) told me that I've had opening about 1cm,  even at that time I went to the Hospital because I don't feel so right, some kind of having a fever. I honestly told ya that I'm not physically and mentally ready actually as I'm only 35 weeks plus coming for 36 weeks. They gave me something aaa I can't remember the terms, but it helps to make my baby's lung to become ready in case he wants to get out and see the world. 

Then the next day, Doctor B came and he asked me to take this medicine that actually making my contraction become slower, hence sort of like preventing the baby from coming out. I do think that he's making the right decision, but my contraction was getting stronger and I do feel pain like serious pain that can make you cry in your sleep but in front of others, I'm the strongest girl of all. 

Third day, Doctor C came and asked me in serious face why are you taking pills that preventing the baby from coming out? Your contraction is strong. And I was like.............. How would I know, Doc? I'm only a patient. Then, he asked me to stop taking the medicine immediately, thus telling the nurses that I will proceed to the labor room if I'm having so much pain.

The next day, okay seriously four days sleeping in the ward will make your emotional changes I tell you (maybe I was the only one) but hey, I just can't so I've asked the Doctor to discharge me, the Doc told me that I can go home if my opening didn't make any progress so they checked and progress at all. I went home with having contraction pain.

Then, I was so happy plus positively thinking that my baby wants more time to sleep in my tummy so I rest my case and trying not to think about it. Eventually I've bleeding plus the baby seems not moving much. As a first time parent plus mummy, of course I'm worried so we (My hubby and I) went to the Hospital AGAIN to check my baby. Hey, I carried it for almost 9 months, of course I'm worried if anything ever happen so don't ask why I keep going to the Hospital. I've met Doctor D and told me that I've had 2 cm openings so I can't go home. I was...... Please Doc, I want to go home, I'll take all the risks *Puss in Boot's eyes* No you can't, what if you deliver on your way of going home or coming to the Hospital? So then I've warded AGAIN. (I just came home, then warded again)

To be fast, the ninth day I met Doctor B again (Please read above if you forgot who's Doctor B) and Doctor B told me that my opening was only 2cm........ Okay to be true, after I heard that I quickly went into the Toilet and cried like a child who lost his mom, but in my case a new mom that was waiting eagerly for her baby but can't have it yet. Why I was crying badly? BECAUSE 3 days before all the Doctor who checked me told me that my opening was making progress like from 2cm getting to 3cm and last night before I've checked and my opening was almost 4cm. When it is 4cm, I will be pushed to the labor room to deliver. So I'm happy because there is only 1cm only to wait, then I get to be in the labor room, my time of seeing my baby is getting nearer. 

I called my Hubby and asked him to come to the Hospital quick so that he can take me home. I can't bear this anymore. As firstly I was hurt because I've taken medicine that preventing my baby from coming out, hence the same person telling me that I can't have my baby yet. So.... yes, I am emotionally and physically drained and tired and I just can't see his face anymore (Doctor B). To take me home, my hubby and I have to meet Doctor B and asked him to let me go home as according to the policy 2cm of openings can go home. Then he asked if I feel pain again, would I come to them? I was smiling, but deep down in my heart no please , I've had enough.

Okay, that's all for my Pregnancy plus delivering diaries PART 1. PART 2 is the part when I was the labor room waiting to meet my baby.

Till then, take care! 

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