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Friday, 8 April 2016

Pregnancy Diaries - Part 2

Assalamualaikum and Hi! 

Since harineh Uwais jadi good boy, eh anak Ummi memang good boy kan? Aminnnn. Since Uwais tidur awal and Ummi tak boleh tidur, Ummi nak sambung cerita Ummi.

Since I've decided to go home instead of just waiting at the Hospital. The next day I've decided to go to Amanjaya Specialist Centre and I've requested Doctor Halimah as my Doc so yes, she checked my opening and clearly stated that its 3cm okay 3cm! Then she gave me the date when she'll help me to deliver my baby, she's gonna break my water. HAHAHA em pecahkan air ketuban. 

Then I went home to relax and prepare mentally and physically, because its only 4 day gap. I ate a lot actually during those days. I've requested Laksa & Pulut ikan kering, trust me before delivering PLEASE ATE as much as you can as after that the only delicious meal will be Ikan Masak Asam, Ayam Bakar, Ikan Masak Halia, Ayam Masak Halia bla bla those stuffs especially using Ginger and also Blackpaper. 

Then, on Monday morning after performing Subooh plus reciting Surah Maryam, I ate my Nasi Lemak and went to a war. HAHA k no we went straight to the Hospital and I was taken to the Labor Room. As requested by Mum and advises from Doc Halimah, I've taken the Epidural because both of them have managed to psycho me with this sakit beranak lulz. Mum be like "hang tak tau sakit nak beqanak ni sakit taktau nak habaq" and Doc be like "sakit anak sulung tak sama macam sakit anak yang seterusnya" okay okay I'll take it but trust me sakit weh cucuk Epidural pun! Please Google or YouTube in case you wanna see how it is done.

Then....... the waiting time. Its painful to wait actually hihi. As I was taking Epidural I don't feel any pain, just yet. So I slept the whole morning HIHI until 5pm.

The Nurses changed their shift so new Nurses came and one Mak Bidan. I forgot her name but she's so cute and nice! She said that she wanted to stop my Epidural to let me feel the pain, as if I can't feel the pain how I'm gonna push. Okay I forgot to tell all of you that starting 5pm after she stopped my Epidural, I'VE STARTED TO FEEL THE PAIN, even its only 6cm openings. Betoi cakap Mak wey sakit taktau nak habaq. Tinggai tak terjun katil!

Then, at 8pm Doc Halimah came in and checked me, its only 7cm openings and she gave time until 12am, as after that if my openings didn't progress I'll have to Caesar. I was so worried at that time, so I talked to my baby telling him to come out as it is safe here and I'm gonna protect him till my last breath, so does my Husband. He's been there for me since I went into the Labor Room. We both talked to our baby telling him to come out.

Then, I started to feel more pain. I can't describe the pain but trust me no wonder Syurga itu terletak di bawah tapak kaki Ibu, sudah cukup untuk aku menceritakan betapa sakitnya saat saat aku nak melahirkan seorang Khalifah ke muka bumi ini. My hubby has said that I've slapped him and punch him when I'm in pain, but trust me I can't remember any of that.

1145 pm I just can't hold it anymore. It was too painful. tinggai tak terjun katil ja dia punya sakit tu so Mak Bidan came and checked my openings. Alhamdulillah Allah Maha Mendengar doa para hambaNya. 9cm already and I'm ready to push. Phew!

Honestly, I didn't remember how to push as the pain is more important to me at that time HAHA then Doc Halimah came in, so does the other Nurses. All of them cheered for me.

Push Fatin push!

I just can't. Time tu rasa sebak pun ada sebab dah lembik semacam. Macam mana tak lembik, the last time I ate was 8am earlier this morning.

But I didn't give up, I gave my all. I tried to push with all my strength. Then suddenly Doc Halimah took my hand and said, let me give you one reason for you to push harder. Then I touch.

ALLAH. ITS MY SON's HAIRRRRR awhhhh I was so energized right after that plus I've been psycho by her once again.

Awak tak sayang anak awak.

5 words in one simple sentence. Ouch. I do love my baby, Doc. I've carried him for 9 months and plus! I didn't realize how and when I've pushed when out of a sudden.

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *baby's crying*

Allah. My son is in front of me. Right in front of me. Crying. My son that has been kicking me in my Tummy. The one that Allah gave to me and my husband as His' Pinjaman.

I was. Okay. I was crying. Happy. Glad. Joy. Every sweet words. 

Dia punya tahap gembira dan takjub sampaikan Doc Halimah tengah jahit pun tak rasa sakit apa dah. 


So, there's few advises:-

1) PLEASE, if you think that you can bear the pain, don't take Epidural as actually it'll make the opening progress becomes a bit slow as the Mummy can't feel the pain.

2) PLEASE eat. This is serious. Please eat to make sure that you'll the energy to push.

3) PLEASE learn how to push and remember the steps. HIHI

I do think that is all that I wanted to share.

Muhammad Adam Uwais bin Mohd Zamzuri, buah hati Ummi & Ayah. We love you,Son.

Till then, take care! 

This is Part 1. 

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